Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not dead or starving

I cannot believe it has been almost 5 months since I posted. I took a 14-week teaching position in a fourth-grade classroom and it ate every moment of my day.

So what's new: we had a party on May 30 for about 50 people. Winnie and I made tiny spanikopita triangles, maki rolls, chicken satay, and ice cream novelties (brownies with fancy ice cream inside). It was some fun -- we hired the same band we've used for 15 years and they were hotter than ever. I wore a polka-dot dress I had made; it felt good but the photographs show a handsome polka-dot bus.

On the dinner front: Winnie was home but is now in northern Ontario, CB is in Santa Fe, leaving DH, the vegetarian daughters and me. Lots of strata made from bread left-over from community supper, green beans from the freezer (so they're gone before the new ones come -- if they ever do, since we have had nothing but cold weather and rain for the entire month of June).

Right this very weekend it is only Locket and me, as daughter number two is away at a horse show and DH is at an Aikido weekend. I took her out for a shared seafood platter and it was good. I invited people for an impromptu dinner party tomorrow night but since I haven't heard I assume they are not coming. We're having grilled chicken whether they come or not.

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