Monday, January 19, 2009

Black-eyed peas

This blog starts with what I'm making for dinner or just made for dinner. So here goes: black-eyed peas with homemade chutney, Asian slaw, roasted carrots, plain rice, chorizo, onion relish, and a bottle of pinot noir. We ate that last night at about 8 p.m. with all hands present and accounted for. It's a dinner that makes all six of us happy: the vegetarians get rice and beans and a cooked veg and a raw veg; the rest of us get all that and a sausage, minus rice for those of us who don't eat white food.

I started the beans at about 5:30, before I went out with Locket to deliver soup for her soup business. By the time I was back at 6:30 the beans were almost done. I added some homemade chutney and some salt and pepper and a little lemon juice along with a little more water. Then I peeled and made fingers of the carrots, tossed them with a little olive oil and stuck them in a 425* oven. I julienned half a cabbage (while fending off the brown puppy who loves cabbage) and made a dressing with pickled ginger and rice vinegar. It would have been better with some umeboshi plum paste -- but the pantry seems rather bare of condiments. It must be time for a big shop.

Sausage in the oven in a cast iron frying pan; rice on the stove top. All done and the best thing was it did not require a trip to the store -- everything was in the icebox or in the pantry.

After dinner CB and Goodie and Dear Husband and I watched "The Last Picture Show," which I had somehow missed all these years. Man, is it ever good. I think part of the reason it holds up so well is that it is in black and white -- color seems to date movies more thoroughly.

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