Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I try not to cook too many all pasta meals, but today was a snow day and seemed to call for comfort food. The new issue of Cook's Illustrated had a recipe for baked ziti and so that's what I cooked. It was excellent and only required two pots -- not bad, for Cook's Illustrated, where they are capable of telling you that the only way to get decent butter is to keep a Jersey cow.

So we had baked ziti and a salad and a pinot noir and a conversation about geography. Locket had her geography questions, which seemed to be mostly puzzles and only tangentially about geography. One of the answers turned out to be the place where Barack Obama's father was born -- which I have already forgotten.

This is a short post because over on Facebook I just wrote 25 things about myself for a note -- and I'm a little tired on me.

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