Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not much cooking

All right, I confess. I didn't make a proper dinner between Dutch baby Friday night and soup for 75 people tonight. Don't I get a little credit for the 75 people? You know, 75 people ate a nice supper -- a nice supper that I cooked. Oh, okay,it's true: I'm a slacker.

Tonight Goodie asked me how Locket got home from school. "Beats me," I answer. "Swell, Mom, great job on the Mom thing." "I told her to find a ride home, and she must have because I didn't hear from her." "And how would you have heard? Since I know you didn't have your phone." "Good point."

I am apparently the meanest, least engaged mother in town. The other day I was talking with part of the carpool (which I now drive in the morning, instead of making Locket depend constantly on the kindness of others) and I was explaining that I would be picking up at 7:30, for a 7:40 drop-off at school. "Well, the kids don't have to be there until 8 a.m. Isn't that awfully early for them to have to get there?" I have to tell you, this is a thought that has never crossed my mind and now that it has: 20 minutes early is not too early. They have a place to go inside; it won't kill them to be early and I need to get to work.

So soup supper tonight: chicken and rice, and roasted butternut squash. Tomorrow is supposed to be terrible weather, so maybe I'll walk to the grocery and get the ingredients for something indulgent and time-consuming. Cook's Illustrated has a great-looking recipe for baked ziti .... maybe I'll make that.

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